This the story of our wallpapered staircase. Back in September we started finding and foraging all the pieces and parts for our “Camper to Glamper” project – see article. Since the camper makeover is scheduled (weather-wise) for the months of April and May we have plenty of time to muse at our beautiful collection of stuff we found for spring. Staring at me every day was this beautiful yellow and purple bird on the Wall Pops! peel and stick NuWallpaper called Summer Love we got from Target.

The photo below is their idea for a wallpapered staircase.

Summer Love Teal

Gorgeous botanical damasks comprised of yellow birds, coral flowers, and green roses pop against a rich teal background.

Fast forward to the adorable staircase in our latest project 3918. One of the many charming features of this house was this craftsman stair case with a unique double landing as you climb to the second floor which we loved.

This photo was taken before we began working on the stairs. Isn’t it an amazing transforming? We couldn’t be happier with the result.

We started by painting the stairs treads in Sherwin Williams Porch and Deck paint in Tri Corn Black #sw6258 and painted the risers and side trim in Sherwin Williams Pure White #sw7005. The stair landings were refinished to match the original wood floors throughout the house. We could have stopped here but why?

Why not create a gallery like feel with a secret garden stair case?

Wallpapered Staircase

Working with this wallpaper was totally as described, easy to cut, apply and remove if you need to make adjustments. In order to simply things even more we used a single width of paper centered in the staircase to mimic a runner. This was such a bold move that fits the staircase perfectly.

We left the first two stairs that can be seen from the living room in stark black and white so as not to influence the living room color scheme. What a nice surprise when you turn the corner and see this pop of art where you would least expect it.

Mix & Match

wallpapered staircase

Reclaimed Tin Gray

wallpapered staircase

Groovy Garden Navy

wallpapered staircase

Devine Color Weave Horizon & Silver

wallpapered staircase

Textured Subway Tile White

wallpapered staircase

Devine Horizon

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