One of my favorite things to do is pay attention to bringing beauty to forgotten spaces. Too often closest are used to literally shove stuff in and close the door. This closest didn’t have door, probably because it was always in the way at the bottom of the stairs. We painted it a crisp white and added a shelf and hooks. Then the search began for the perfect wallpaper, of course I started at Wayfair and found the winner. This is how Wayfair describe the paper I chose and I completely agree.

“This product has an elegant style. Its shimmering geometric pattern perfectly combines both glam and modern styles.”

I am frugal so I ordered just one double roll (doesn’t come in single roll), which meant I had to carefully measure so the pattern repeat would match. This project took me about two hours to complete. The tools I used were, tape measure, wallpaper paste, wallpaper brush, straight edge razor blades, straight ruler, and wallpaper smoothing tool thingy. I purchased all these tools at Lowes but any good home improvement store will carry them.