Don’t you just love a big front porch? This house had me at front porch. We had been looking for a house to renovate to start our flipping adventure. The criteria was to find something neglected and unveil all its hidden charm. This 1925 craftsman checked all the boxes, desperate for love,  affection, restoration and design.


Drag the circle left and right to view before and after in full detail.

First let’s talk exterior. The original cedar wood with some major TLC was thirsty for a fresh look! We choose Sherwin Williams Iron Ore #SW7069 for the main color of the house the trim is done in Sherwin Williams Pure White #SW7005, this white is my go-to white. The ceiling is also #SW7621 Silver Mist which has a very lovely soft blue hue. I’ve heard that blue paint has been used on porch ceilings in the south for generations, some say the color blue extends daylight at dusk and helps keep bees, wasps , and other insects away. Others say they paint their ceilings a “haint” blue, a soft blue- green shade similar to the Silver Mist, to ward off spirits called “haints”. Not only pretty but practical.