I guess “put a bird on it” has been around forever. Of course Portlandia made it famous in the “Put a Bird on It ” episode in season one.

My first personal experience was in 2014 when I had my big garden which included potatoes. When harvesting the garden I found the distinct bird shaped potato, don’t you agree? So of course I had to arrange a potato nest and “put a bird on it”.

Fast forward to June of this year when I opened my back door and a cardinal flew into my kitchen. In researching what this could symbolize I chose to believe this “it is a great time to start new projects and listen to your inner voice”.  I am interpreting this as a sign that it is the time to be building Backyard and Vine, so here we go!

And then not even a month later a robin literally “put a bird on it” on the wreath outside my back door and laid four eggs and is sitting on them now as we speak. Of course I had to look and see what this means.

“If there is a nest in your yard, it is a lucky symbol. It represents life, growth, health, family stability, & beauty among other fortunate things. Nests symbolize good karma returning to you for your good care & responsible keeping of your environment. Nests are good luck for everyone who lives there”.

Cheers to everyone being able to “put a bird on it”!

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