Nothing says welcome to all who come to your home like a wreath on the front door, no matter what the season. The circle, representing eternity, seems to say so much. This particular wreath was from Gordman’s and I loved how all the colors complimented the exterior colors of my cute bungalow, the 4302 cottage. I painted the exterior of the house with Sherwin Williams paint, the main color SW 7615 Sea Serpent, the trim with SW 7005 Pure White and the shutters with SW 0019 Festoon Aqua. The wrought iron door was a classic black, that I freshen up with flat black spray paint from Rustoleum.

Once I got the wreath hung up I realized it just didn’t pop the way I thought it would. All I could think was if it could just have that Festoon Aqua wrapped around the outside it would be perfect. So after a few days of thinking of ways to make it better, I landed on this idea and here’s how to do it to your wreath.

What you need:

  • wreath

  • old book
  • paint

  • paint brush

  • hot glue gun

First spread out enough of the old book pages to go around the outside of the wreath after they are folded like fans. For my wreath I used 13 pages. Take the flat pages and on the long side of each page paint a strip about 2 ½” wide. I basically used the width of the brush and didn’t mind if they were a bit uneven or the brush strokes showed. Let the paint dry and then fold each page back and forth like a fan. Once you have these done flip your wreath over and then on the backside start glueing the pages right sides to the back side of wreath all the way around until the circle is complete.

I looped some ribbon through the back and tied it to the door. Voila, a gorgeous and customizable wreath for your door! I found this cute wreath at Target or a bunch of nice spring ones from Wayfair that would work for this DIY project.

If you try something like this please share a photo, I’d love to see your creation.