We needed more storage in this small bathroom so we decided to install an inset cabinet.

The box part of the cabinet which will fit into the wall is 12″ X 30″ and 3.5″ deep. The idea is to attach it between 2 2X4’s inside the wall using construction glue or liquid nail. Our wall happens to be 3″ deep so the cabinet will stick out about 1/2 inch. That’s ok because with a little creativity it’ll be charming.

Back to the beginning: The first thing we had to do is cut a hole in the drywall. Using a stud finder we located the wood and planned the opening. Luckily this wall didn’t have any electrical wires so that made it easier. Once the hole was cut we realized the studs were closer than 12″ most likely because of the corner. We cut one stud in the center and built a simple frame.

To finish the installation of the inset cabinet we used construction glue between the studs and the sides of the box. We set the cabinet with a couple of small screws just to hold it in place and level while the glue dries.

The next step will be to paint and add shelves and trim. Part 2 will be creative and fun so stop back to see our finished cabinet.

inset cabinet before

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