This is the before photo of where the sink vanity was installed. I took out the linen closet that was in the hall and sneaked a few inches from the closet in the bedroom behind bathroom to create a niche big enough to put a 24″ wide and 22″ deep marble top sink vanity in.  This made an 80″ wide by 72″ deep bathroom able to handle a full size soaking tub with shower.

Drag the circle left and right to view before and after in full detail.

I had to move the bathroom door over 4″ so I could fit a 30″ wide by 60″ deep tub on the right side of the bathroom end to end.  When we removed the linen closet from the hall the drawers on the bottom were all either broken or missing but the interesting top door was in great shape and the frame was still intact. I decided to recycle these into the bathroom. The frame was cut down to 18″ wide so we could reuse the door on a 39″ sliding barn rail to open and close over the new generously sized medicine cabinet. The door slid into the niche for the sink just perfect. I had an old piece of wood paneling left from a cabinet door that was inserted in the bottom where the missing drawers were. This worked out great because on the other side, by the toilet, we had a niche on the bottom half for the toilet paper, etc. This also created a bit of a privacy wall in front of the toilet too.

The inside and outside of the new cabinet walls were wrapped in wood beadboard and painted in SW 7005 Pure White as were all the trim. The walls were painted in SW 6470 Waterscape. We used porcelain tiles on the floor and shower walls to complete a luxurious look. The bathroom door was left in its original wood grandeur as was the wooden medicine cabinet door and frame.