Dining Al Fresco is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Our 2525 house has this huge back exterior patio with no defined spaces, so we decided to design an outdoor dining area. We set up an area for the barbecue just off the back porch. The spot was closest to the kitchen for easy trips in and out.

  • Look for an outdoor rug that you love, I choose a 5 X 7.

  • We picked up a cute folding patio bistro set.

  • Grabbed a few comfy cushions.

  • Next on the list were flower pots to add color and texture to the outdoor dining area.

The patio space is large with rich texture in the brick which is a wonderful start. We decided to go with a simple and colorful exterior patio design. We filled our pots with some shrubs, vines and colorful flowers. Then we framed the space with some vintage wrought iron pieces that we filled with more flowers. Voila! We’re ready for a cook out. Bonus the tables and chairs are folding which makes them easy to transport for tailgating or camping.

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