Engineered Hardwood Project

Engineered hardwood flooring is a click and lock type plank similar to laminate. The top of the plank has a thin layer of hardwood which creates the pretty look of the floor. You can order any type of hardwood and finish you like. We chose Oak Muse from Kährs.  The body of the planks are made with plywood and have a locking system.

Our little house project was about 400 sq ft including a hallway and coat closet. We started with pulling out the old carpet, pulling out tack strips and preparing the subfloor. In our case there were two areas of the subfloor that had water damage and needed to be fixed. We cut out the damaged floor and replaced it with plywood of the same thickness. Once the subfloor was ready we put down a layer of underlayment taping the seams with duct tape. This type of floor floats and needs a space around the entire perimeter for expansion. We used plastic spacers made for laminate floors which easy to find at the hardware store.

We used a small table saw to cut the wood planks. The first row of our floor started with a full plank and finished with a cut piece, the remainder used to start the next row and so forth. Eventually the remainder piece is too small and a row will start again with a full piece. This product had a lot of variation which we loved. We opened several boxes of planks at a time and mixed them as we went.


We were very happy with the look of our finished floor. Specifically, the joints fit together perfectly and are gorgeous. Can a floor joint be gorgeous? We think so. Also, there is just nothing like a beautiful hardwood floor. The color Oak Muse was a great color choice for our project and makes the room brighter and feels bigger. The installation wasn’t complicated but we recommend reading the manufacturer instruction and watch videos. The more info the better.


As far as pricing, this flooring is 6.89/sq ft at Wayfair or check local stores. For a floor 400 fq ft the cost is approx $2,800 plus the underlayment ($300) and tools. This type of floor is another option for solid hardwood flooring and is possible to DIY for handy homeowners. In our opinion the only downside to this product is that it is on the expensive side.

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