Choosing a color scheme for your interior design project? One of the ways we start a new design is to look for inspiration. We constantly gather ideas on Pinterest (follow us) for each of the homes we renovate. We always start with an object, place, color that we love. This is a Vogue cover of Anne Gunning under an umbrella from 1954. We love the vintage color combination. It will make a gorgeous room. The choice of colors from a 1950’s cover would easily work in a mid-century style. Style? So many decisions. No worries- if you start with something you love, you’ll most likely love the end result.

The Look

Lila grasscloth wallpaper from Wayfair

Velvet couch and pillows from Collyer’s Mansion

Cohasset dipped ceramic table lamp from Target

Orval coffee table from Wayfair

‘My Wild Garden Abstract Art’ wrapped canvas print from Wayfair

Back to our color scheme and design plan. This is a good start in making a design board for a lovely room. We love the dark velvet couch although it might not be practical if someone has pets. A different choice for families could be a dark denim which is very durable. Also, indigo is a great color if you want a dark couch. We’ll add found items from flea markets and fresh flowers. We’ll look for handmade items from artisans on Etsy. The room will need yards of flowing organic natural linen mixed with a few bright colors. Let’s get started!

Choosing a color scheme for your next project? Start with one favorite thing.

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