I am sure you’ve heard how much we love backyards. We knew we had to find what was hidden in this overgrown back corner of the yard. Once we got to work hacking away at the massive plant life that had taken over, we discovered lots of treasures. First, let’s brag about the curved stamped patio that was hidden under like ten thousands thistles, OUCH. High five that find!

Underneath this mound we also discovered several bushes that we relocated throughout the yard, one of which we placed between the garage door and garage entry door.

Speaking of the garage it was in awesome shape, it just needed a little more style. We found these decorative magnetic garage door hardware at a home improvement store. It was an easy update and created an upscale wrought iron trim appearance.

To complete the look we painted this garage entry door in one of my favs, Sherwin- Williams Tricorn Black #SW6258.

We decided to place annuals in the pie shape in front of the curved walk and perennials behind the walkway in curved rows repeating that shape. We left the grape vines that were growing in the corner and just trimmed them to frame the back corner into an archway. All these perennial plants should come back and multiply making this corner bloom with fruit and flowers year after year.

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